Living History Workshops

Based on the Romney Marsh in Kent, Living History Workshops evolved out of a keen interest in all things historical, and the desire to share this knowledge with others.
We understand that certain aspects of history can be tricky to teach, especially those eras where there are no primary sources and very few artefacts. Our approach to this is a completely ‘hands-on’ and interactive day, packed with drama, role-play, costume, story-telling, making and doing, and FUN!

For some children, primary school will be the only time in their lives that they are taught about the Romans, Greeks and the Dark Ages….. with that in mind, we try our very best to make sure that they enjoy it!

For the Wealden Food & Wine we will be running drop-in Dark Age and Anglo Saxon workshops, including Saxon pewter amulets/rings; Chalk carving Leather work (leather bracelets etc.); Weaving; Jewelled Anglo Saxon brooches; Norman/Saxon flags.

In addition, to commemorate the 950th anniversary of the Battle of Hastings, we will be re-creating the Bayeaux Tapestry.

All ages welcome – come and have a go!

Look forward to seeing you there.

Living Histories
Living Histories

Living Histories