St Nicholas Church tour

Come and discover this beautiful church, which is celebrating its 800th anniversary this year!
Talk and tour 3pm Saturday 16 July and Sunday 17 July.

St . Nicolas Church origins can be traced to the Roman occupation of Britain and is built on the original site of a Saxon or Priory church dating from the 5th century, which at the time would have overlooked the sea, which now sits half a mile away. The Church we see today was built in its present form in the medieval period, between 1205 and 1216.
The completed St Nicolas Church remains a splendid example of ‘Early English’, or ‘Early English Gothic’, architecture. England’s Gothic architectural tradition originated in France in the mid-12th century and spread rapidly to England. It is the plainest and closest to French building styles of the period. It is typified by the simplicity of its vaults and tracery, the use of lancet windows and smaller amounts of sculptural decoration than either Romanesque or later varieties of Gothic church building.
St. Nicolas’ size and relative grandeur reflect the importance of Pevensey as a major seaport at the time of its construction.